About Us

At Kids Klothes, we provide preloved infant through primary school clothing and shoes at good value, support fundraisers for kids causes, and we are busy creating a sustainable future for those we love. Not bad for a day's work.

VALUE: Kids’ clothes can be costly, so put that money towards a college fund and buy some pre-loved items that give them the look they want while not breaking the bank. We carry infants up through primary school age clothing and shoes. Most items will be listed from 10% to 50% of the original retail price. Hard to beat that kind of value.

SUPPORT: 50% of every purchase will go back to the children's club, school or cause that donated the item to support the work they do. Fundraising has been very difficult with COVID, so this is a great source of funds for those who need it to do the work they do with the children they support. 

SUSTAINABILITY: Buying second-hand clothing shows your commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. Especially when it comes to infant, toddler and children’s clothing. If you are a parent, you know first-hand how often some clothing items go unworn or only get one outing! It’s mad! These clothes CAN have a second, third or sometimes fourth life within multiple households. YOU can be part of the life-cycle by purchasing an item from Kids Klothes.