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MADRA rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes unwanted, neglected, abused and abandoned dogs. We are dedicated to looking after the dogs in our care and finding them permanent, loving homes. On average we rehome 500 dogs a year from County Galway. The dogs that come into our care could be described as at various stages of rehabilitation, some are immediately happy to be homed to a family, others often need more TLC by way of socialisation, handling and training. 

The funds we need to run the shelter, mainly come in through our charity shop. So in purchasing a great piece with us here, you get the benefit of a great garment of sustainable clothing, while also helping to care for dogs in real need. Our retail standards are built on years of industry knowledge, experience and best practice, with a keen emphasis on maintaining the best customer service.

We have a great team behind our charity shop headed up by Geraldine - our shop manager with very dedicated co-workers and volunteers. We pride ourselves on top quality standards.

Registered Charity Number: 20072698

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