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Aiding Resources Charity is a Company limited by guarantee that was set up to contribute to the relief of poverty, distress and sickness by providing financial, educational, social, medical or other forms of support. Aiding Resources looks for funding in Ireland to aid projects organised by local communities in developing countries.

We support these local initiatives in developing countries through our own fundraising efforts and as intermediaries with other developing world funding bodies. We act for the local groups and present the projects to the agencies on their behalf. We donate funds directly to the project managers and we follow the money trail right through with outcome monitoring. Project leaders submit a report on how they have spent the funding within twelve months of receiving it.

We are convinced that through education and training the poverty cycle can be broken.  Supporting local groups-the grass roots approach, lead to sustainable development as these groups decide on their priorities and take ownership of the projects.

The registered company number is 379528. Aiding Resources has charity status and the registered charity number is CHY 15067. The Irish Charity Registration Number from the Charity Regulatory Authority is 20050962.

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