Rebranding Thriftify



We are thrilled to announce the rebrand of our identity and website. The new Thriftify experience will make shopping from good causes much easier, with a range of new features, better search and more categories. Our Thrift community will now be able to find the gems they love, from the causes they care about; all while saving the planet!

The Why?

Since 2018 Thriftify has been finding ways of using technology to put charity shops at the forefront of the sustainable fashion revolution.

Up until now, our focus has been on building powerful back-end technology to help with pricing, merchandising, fulfilment and all of the other techy aspects of selling online. Our work in this area, which we call our Retail solution, culminated in the launch of our new mobile app last year.

Our mobile app is now being adopted quickly by the charity retail sector as the leading solution for managing online sales. But behind the scenes, there’s been a niggling gremlin.

While the Thriftify Retail solution enables our charity partners to list on eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces; the vast majority of sales come directly from our direct to Circulator website. We have built a thriving community of Thrifters who love nabbing gems and supporting good causes. But our website hasn’t matched their passion. As we grew we added extra features and over time it lost a sense of coherence, making it difficult to find gems and engage with the important mission we’re on.

Now, it’s time for a change. We’re incredibly excited to announce our rebrand. Over the last year, we’ve conducted in-depth research, spoken with our partners and thrifters and worked very hard to create something that expresses and facilitates our mission accurately. Thriftify is still the same organisation you know and love, but how it looks, feels and works is changing.

New Features

Making this vision a reality means giving Thrifters a way of easily and effectively buying second-hand, from good causes. In order to achieve this, we need to offer the same convenience and experience as the leading brands. Therefore, we’ve completely revamped our website. Our ambition is to delight our shoppers with a range of enhancements, new features and better functionality:

  • Search: Finding gems will now be much easier, with improved categorisation, better search, more filters and higher quality images.
  • Categorisation: We heard our community loud and clear. One of the biggest benefits of shopping on Thriftify is that finding specific items can be faster than in a charity shop. Now, we’re making it even easier to find great gems with our new Designer, Vintage, Top Brands and Bargain Rail categories.
  • Impact: One of the best things about Thrifting is that it’s impactful. Shoppers will soon be able to see the CO2 and water savings they’ve made by shopping sustainably.
  • New Features: We carried out in-depth, data-driven research to analyse shopping behaviour across all of our digital platforms. Using this research we’ve redesigned our layouts, email flows and even our font sizes. Improving our conversion and cart experience has been another big priority, with a new payment option and faster checkout.

The Logo

Our new logo is a visual representation of our mission to change how and why the world shops. For too long, shopping has been destructive and extractive, we believe in a circular model with impact and care at its heart.

The Tagline


The Colour Palette

Our primary brand colours and fonts are now more reflective of our values and identity. Green speaks to our mission of sustainability, but we have softened the hue for a fresher feel and contemporary look. Our secondary colours are warm shades of peach and coral, that reflect the positive approach to the future Thriftify has.

The Font

Even our fonts have changed. Introducing Poppins and Noto Sans. Poppins is refreshing in its simplicity and youthfulness, while Noto Sans was designed with the purpose of achieving visual harmony.


Working with Barry McCall, a leading fashion photographer, we photographed some of the most creative thrifters out there and have used their unique and authentic styles to represent our categories and products.

The Future

We’re at a critical point in the future of fashion. For too long we’ve allowed the industry to pollute our planet and steal our future. It’s time that fashion became not just sustainable, but impactful. Over the coming months, we’ll be using every tool at our disposal to build a world where fashion helps to make things better.