Inspiration for a Greener Halloween

Still in need of inspiration for your sustainable Halloween Costume? Recreate these iconic moments from the past year.

If you are still scratching your head, staring at your Halloween mood board, and questioning how you are going to land on an idea to end all ideas, we’re here to help. Despite the very scary year, we have all had, living through a global pandemic Halloween wasn’t quite the Spooktastic event we are used to. his break from Halloween has given us a year to prepare for the season and even more importantly, has given us a year to reflect on making Halloween a sustainable event.

This month we will be sharing lots of tips and tricks for making your Halloween as sustainable as possible. To begin with, here are some of the most iconic costume-inspiring moments from the pandemic year.


Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala


Since Kim’s 2019 Thierry Mugler ‘Wet Look’ the Met Gala has been Kim’s official domain. Each year she turns out more and more dramatic looks to an eager audience. For the most recognisable woman in the world to arrive at the biggest fashion event of the year, in a head to toe black look, Kim delivered a strong message on her own cultural relevance: she is iconic even when she is anonymous.

As a Halloween costume, this look is both instantly recognisable and easily replicated. Black tights, an oversized black t-shirt and some old black fabric you have around the house will make this the simplest Halloween costume you have ever put together. The added bonus is all of the items you use can be repurposed back into your wardrobe, no need to discard anything! Here are some items from Thriftify to get you started:



Mark Zuckerberg’s WTF Independence Day post:

The internet erupted on July 4th when Mark Zuckerberg, yes that Mark Zuckerberg posted this head-scratching video of him hydrofoiling on the American holiday while holding an American flag. Our initial reaction to this was - is this a deep fake? Followed by an immense cringe when the world realised that no Mark had not been photoshopped or coerced into the creation of this moment. The memes that followed truly roasted how out of touch billionaires are

This moment is perfect Halloween fodder if you ask us. Recognisable, funny, a conversation starter, and easy and quick to put together. Better yet, the outfit can be used again for your Christmas morning swim. All you need is some water sports gear, how accurate you go is up to you, an oversized American flag and a mixed attitude of entitlement and desperation to remain relevant. Thriftify has some of the items you need to nail this costume:



Squid Game’s Red Light, Green Light Doll:

If you spend any amount of time on the internet you will know Squid Game, the South Korean Netflix series, has quickly become the most talked-about show. It’s a perfectly timed show for Halloween too, after all, it’s all about people competing for their lives in children’s playground games. The show is brilliantly gory and every episode features some new brutal twist in the games.
The animatronic child-like doll with laser eyes in the first game has spawned many memes and with a little ingenuity makes for a very compelling costume. Find yourself a wig to cut into a bowl shape, or if you want to really give people a fright you can cut your own hair like this. An orange pinafore dress, yellow shirt, knee-high socks and black shoes will make you instantly recognisable. And if anyone doesn’t get the costume you can just start re-enacting the red light, green light game, which will be sure to instil fear in their hearts.



Bernie Sander’s being 100% Bernie Sanders:

The moment that launched many a meme and some frantic mitten making across the world acted as a moment of brevity during U.S. President Biden’s inauguration, following a rough four years. Sander’s mittens were a gift from Ms Ellis a second-grade teacher in Vermont. Bonus points to Ms Ellis and Bernie here as the mittens were made from repurposed materials. This costume can be recreated with many items you already have: a good winter coat, a mask, a bald cap and of course some cosy mittens. Really, it’s all about the pose. Make sure you spend the entire night sitting down, legs and arms crossed and a decidedly not-bothered air about you.




Here are some additional contenders for your consideration:

  • With No Time to Die just released 007 Costumes are bound to be popular. Go classic Daniel Craig or pull some references from the archive and go as one of the wackier villains from the franchise. Our vote: Ernst Stavro Blofeld.
  • Word on the street is Hocus Pocus is finally set to return to our screens. Go as one of the Sanderson sisters and you will have friends all night. Hocus Pocus fans are ride-or-die.
  • Pretty much any outfit Lil Nas X has worn this past year will be a fun outfit for Halloween. Our favourite: his fluorescent pink cowboy outfit for the Grammy’s.

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