An Open Letter on Black Friday

An Open Letter to our Customers

Black Friday is an American concept that gets its name from companies operating ‘in the red’ or at a loss until after November when sales and big price-cuts push them into the black.
Makes business sense, right?

But what started as a way to help small businesses turn a profit before the end of the year has led to serious and damaging problems for our planet. The Black Friday phenomenon is a perfect symbol for the destructive fast fashion industry.
In many markets, clothes on the shop floor or online that haven't sold by the 26th of November will be considered effectively past their sell-by-date and many small businesses, in an effort to keep up with bigger companies and the demands of this holiday will follow suit, slashing prices and hurting their businesses.

Slashing the price of perfectly good, new clothing in an effort to sell it at extreme volumes flies in the face of the concept of slow fashion and the love we have for quality clothing. Black Friday is one of the biggest sales events every year. Companies begin preparation for this period months in advance, using a variety of tactics to convince you that you need more, need stuff you’ve never even thought of, and that by buying them during Black Friday you are essentially saving money… somehow.

Many companies are now choosing to opt out of Black Friday, in an assertion that they care more for the value of their brand and the planet than keeping up with the Shein's and Amazon's of this world

Green Friday was born as a revolutionary reaction to Black Friday. It is a challenge to purchase sustainably and in a considered way during the same period as Black Friday. Green Friday is about more than simply buying sustainably, it’s about giving; giving back to the planet, to nature and to your community. With Thriftify, every purchase you make supports charities that make a difference on a global scale. Green Friday is a symbol of everything Thriftify stands for; flipping our society from one based on consumerism to one based on care.

We understand that consumption is a reality in our lives. And that for all of us, price is a factor, how can it not be? However, we're on a mission to create an alternative model of consumption, based on circularity and impact. This is why we won’t be shutting down, closing shop or going black for Black Friday. Instead, we will be embracing Green Friday, providing a place for everybody to shop ethically, and sustainably, to support charities and do good.

Our 50% Green Friday sale will run from the 26th to the 31st of November and we are committed to helping you fall in love with every sustainable item you purchase. As such, we are excited to announce that we are extending our return policy from 14 days to 30 for any purchases made during our Green Friday promotion, to make sure nothing goes to waste. Green Friday is an opportunity to consciously use your earning power for good.

Throughout the period, we'll also be on-hand to help you make good choices and support good causes, so get in touch with our dedicated customer service to discuss the products you are interested in, to find out more about the charities your purchase will support.